as an utility

AGRICO enables people to make returns safely. Together with the value of this AGRICO token relies on the continuous income of this AGRICO farming and platform; the investors that buy AGRICO tokens will be shielded using a more stable cost.

AGRICO will be recorded on the top cryptocurrency exchanges providing AGRICO tokens high liquidity, and therefore, profiting nominal holders with a large selection of uses. AGRICO token holders may also put money into the farms.

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Secure and Cloud Based
Agrico Chain

Decentralized token market facilitates exchange and trading of their fiscal instruments and monies around the blockchain. The Ethereum platform will facilitate the launching of our money to be used as a frequent standard.

The ERC-20 standard lets AGRICO to instantly work with the programs that adapt to this standard, meaning that any electronic money wallet may hold AGRICO. Additionally, it usually means that AGRICO is readily exchangeable with different cryptocurrencies that comply with all the ERC-20 rules.

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Benefits of Using Agrico

As a blockchain based eco-system, Agrico will erupt the agriculture industry with the values below.

Real Time Update

With Agrico Blockchain in place, you are guaranteed of getting real time information about what's happening in the blockchain.

Cloud Based

We value information and data, with this believe: we are not taking any chances of losing any information from start to end. All files and informations are cloud based which means all data generated are safe.

Consistent Growth

With so much to take in place, ranging from our bi-annual buy-back, profit sharing, advanced blockchain technology and so on. Growth in price and value will be significant on Agrico.

Timely Reward

Imagine a world of effortless rewards, with Agrico: simultaneous reward are guaranteed for Agrico Investors.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain will play an essential role in supply chain wisdom for technologies that facilitates traceability of product details.

Email Notification

Instant notification on all transaction on Agrico co-system and the agricultural blockchain as a whole.

Roadmap to Success

You can some some of our milestones and what we wish to achieve in future

Q3 2019 Planning

In Q3 2019, Agrico Team in order to erupt the agriculture with the use of Blockchain technology.

Q4 2019 Research

The fourth quarter in 2019 led us to making top research in agriculture and blockchain as a whole. How blockchain could be of help in Agriculture

Q1 2020 Project Launch

Agrico was launched in the early 2020, which airdrop programme will also be announced.

Q2 2020 Token Sale

This quarter will focus majorly on our token sale with different phase which will range in different bonus package.

Q3 2020 Marketing, Partnership & Exchange Listing

Marketing, Partnership & Exchange Listing will be our value in this quarter after our token sale, however this are meant to be earlier if we sold out our token before date.

Q4 2020 Procurement

Purchase of minimum of 200 up to 1500 acres of land, all farming equipments, recruiting workers to foster the growth of Agrico.

Q1 2021 Strategic Partnership, MVP launching, Staking

Strategic Partnership, MVP launching, Staking will be focused withn this quarter, we will be also having our first ever Conference hosted by AGRICO team in Europe

Token Information

Agrico will be the digital utilities that power and incentivize the agriculture ecosystem and platform.
Agrico tokens provide access to the platform

Name: Agrico
Ticker: Agrico
Platform: Ethereum
Fixed Supply: 500,000,000

Token Distribution

Agrico supply is fixed at 500M and no extra token will ever be minted and this is verified by the smart contract .
Below is how Agrico will be distributed